More on Regularity

The past few days as I have adjusted to more regular third shift hours at work I have not been posting as many longer essay-pieces as I did when things were slower at the plant. Particularly the last few days, all of my posts have been (with one exception) either short or re-blogs.

I have noticed that when I slowed down, my traffic slowed down, too. Friday the 15th was the slowest day I’ve had in over two weeks, and the first during that timeframe to have received less than 400 views. Saturday the 16th brought me back above 400, but just barely. I am convinced that my lack of longer, more interesting posts has caused my low stats.

I guess when people come to like something about a blog or get used to the way the blog runs, any changes make them nervous. The only thing I have done differently the last few days has been to post shorter posts. I still post the same amount, I still comment and like other people’s blogs. I am active in my own comments section. From my end, the only thing I could be doing “wrong” is not continuing the proven path I started on from Day 1 and churning out longer essays. I will get back on that when I wake up!

The point to take away from this is that if you’re doing something that is obviously working, keep doing it. If you’re not having as much success (I know bloggers who have been at it for years and have less than 200 followers and only a couple likes a day, whereas I’ve been at it less than a month and have almost 900 with hundreds of visitors and views a day) as you’d like, try shaking things up and posting more frequently (if you can). Write one more post a day, comment on one more post a day. Experiment and find something that you could do on a regular basis to help you reach your writing and blogging goals. I know not everyone wants to be the most followed blogger on the internet, but we all have goals. And the only way to reach them is to do good on a regular basis.

Happy Sunday, readers and followers of CrapPile! This is John Siebelink dozing off…

6 thoughts on “More on Regularity”

  1. John, stats go up and down. Focus on them and you might loose the intent and passion of writing. Your followers will level off as more bloggers watch who makes comments and who followed and disappeared. It amazes me how stats drive bloggers. After 4 years blogging, I’m happy with my handful of dedicated followers out of 700 plus! Have a happy Father’s Day Sunday. 💐 Christine

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  2. The stats game is not one I like to play. That stuff can drive a person crazy. I opt to not look at the page at all. The follower count, I think, doesn’t count for much. People’s interests can wane and spike depending on what kind of posts they prefer reading from a blogger on any given day. If I could guess, I would say not all followers read every single post that a blogger puts out. That, to me, is normal as it is for a blogger to have a higher count of followers than they of people who leave comments and engage with the blogger.


  3. Whether I have 2 followers or 200 followers doesn’t matter to me at all. I write, first and foremost for me. It is like therapy. Writing sort of takes me out of this wild and wacky world we live in especially when I am dreaming up something crazy to write about that may or may not grab my readers attention. I prefer to look at my writing as a change of life habit – one I do more so now than I did while I was working. I have thought about starting a new hobby but keep drifting back to writing. Perhaps some day………….origami sounds interesting!

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