CrapPile is the blog of aspiring writer John Siebelink. The successor to a very-short lived and failed blogging attempt, The Novice Student of Writing, it was deactivated and renamed to its current moniker in May, 2018. To date it has attracted over 900 followers and has received a nomination for the 2018 Liebster Award.

A little about John

A veteran of the U.S. military, John has been a devoted reader and writer his entire life. In middle school the works of Andre Norton opened his eyes to the endless possibilities of science fiction, and later on found inspiration from Ray Bradbury and John Scalzi that cemented his passion for speculative literature forever. His first short story, a tiny micro-fic piece was published in 2014 by Nanoism, and he has been an on-again, off-again contributor to the blog of Amazing Stories since February 2014. Currently, he has three major writing projects he is working on; a chapbook, a full-length blog and essay collection, and a novel. There are also several old short stories he is in the process of editing. His genres of choice are science fiction and crime fiction.

About this blog

CrapPile is about whatever John decides he wants to blog about at any point of any given day. Topics have so far ranged from politics to blog updates, movie reviews to moral commentary. Everything expressed on this site is the opinion of John Siebelink. Naturally, he feels that he is always right, but he is always deeply respectful and tolerant of other people’s thoughts and opinions so long as commentators are respectful and intelligent. He does not shy away from talking about the most controversial issues if he feels the need to. He identifies as a right-leaning moderate, though in some cases is very conservative OR very liberal. No matter the issue, he tries to approach the topic from all angles and does his best to show the best sides of both arguments so as not to cause a violent debate. The titles of the posts tend to do a good job of letting the reader know what they’re getting themselves into–if you don’t want to read about the NFL kneeling policy or about President Trump, scroll down and you’re sure to find a much better post that suits your liking.

Just be warned, John is very protective of his blog and does not like when people encourage him to not post about something. That will actually not only upset him by cause him to actually write MORE about it than he would have otherwise. But generally if you respect him and respect his blog, you will find no one else more grateful and cordial.

Welcome to CrapPile!

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