Liberal Hypocrisy (Again)

I woke up to a Facebook post about a woman being arrested for armed burglary for turning her ex-husbands guns over to police after he was arrested for almost running her over. A lot of the liberals on my page were in outrage about how the poor woman who was fearing for her life is now behind bars for wanting to protect herself. Every major news outlet on Google is wording it as if she’s the victim.

But if you knew the whole story, as many of them don’t, you’d sing a different tune. For starters, the ex-husband is in jail. He is in no danger of harming anyone or anything. To use fear as justification to not only break into someone else’s home and steal guns is about as messed up as it can get. Burglary, possessing firearms without a license or permit, transporting said firearms…she broke every major law regarding guns save from shooting one off. Yet somehow she is the victim?

Liberals push for stricter and stricter gun control legislation all the time. Be that as it may, if you’re going to pass a law then you need to remember that those laws apply to EVERYBODY. She is a felon and has been arrested and charged as such. She is no victim and no hero. She is a villain, and is where she belongs.

Enough with the hypocrisy, already.


New Bronco

I’m really late posting this, but on Monday I officially began studies at Western Michigan University! It took YEARS of overcoming laziness and playing the waiting game (especially with financial aid) but I am officially a Bronco.

I’m taking a full Summer I course load to start off, with African Literature and Storytelling. Since summer is split in two each part is highly accelerated, so I have been working my ass off–especially for the African Lit class. I’m already reading and getting ready for my first paper that I have to turn in the middle of next week, which let me tell you as much as I love writing the thought of digging online through scholarly articles and stuff scares the hell out of me. But oh well. Welcome to junior-level English, ladies and gentlemen!

It also means that I will have to put the Bradbury Program in hold for a bit. I’m going to be doing even more reading and rereading for the classes, so I think it will make up for it. As for fiction, I’ve been REALLY lazy writing lately, but again with a full paper due in just a couple of days I think being a college student again will make up for it.

Hopefully I can force myself to finish this time…

New Book 5/8/2019

I purchased this book for both my Storytelling and African Literature classes at Western Michigan University this summer.

While only Things Fall Apart is required (ironically by both of them) it doesn’t hurt to have three books in one. African lit offers extra credit, so writing about the other two could help me get the A I’m desiring!

Lifestyle Changes

I’ve had a lot of struggles my whole life. My weight was a major issue all of middle school and the first couple of years of high school, then I got off some meds and I almost instantly lost a crap ton of weight. Recent years though have put back in the pounds, and I neither like how I look or how I feel.

Planet Fitness is right behind the mall by my work, and my membership has been renewed. Thanks to some dietary pointers by my future father-in-law, I’m starting on a weight loss, muscle-building eating regiment. This, alongside working with the trainer at PF, is going to change my body in ways it’s never been changed before.

Due to the new gym and getting home really late (tomorrow is Day 7 of an 8-day stretch at work) I’ve taken the last few nights off of writing. I haven’t even had any new ideas or inspirations for the story I’m currently in the middle of or any new ones, so there wasn’t really a point. But tomorrow night, I’m breaking the drought before it becomes another drought.

2,000 words has been doable for me, but because of the gym and meal-prepping and a lot of other personal things I’m working on at home I’m going to lower it to a minimum of 500 words a night. Completely doable, and I’m going to definitely shoot for more, but the main thing is to make sure the words keep flowing.

I know lately this thing has turned into a reading diary and blog solely about writing, but I promise I’m trying to come up with more stuff that offers variety, the way it was at the beginning. I’m just now realizing that this month marks my 1-Year Anniversary with CrapPile, so I’m going to have to figure out a way to celebrate on here.

Lots to do, so I need some rest. Have a good night, bloggers.