Trump Supporter Discrimination

Donald J. Trump, despite the wishes of some people, IS the President of The United States. Like it or not, it is extremely unlikely he will leave office before the election in 2020.

Many of us, in fact, many millions of us, support him. We are called racist, sexist, and anti-American. We are ridiculed, attacked, scorned, vilified, and talked down upon. People shy away from you or even unfriend you on Facebook if they know you support him.

Sounds a lot like discrimination, right?

That’s because it is.

Like it or not, he is the President. People waste so much time attacking him and making his life hell that it’s hard for him to do his job. Which is to lead the country. You may not like him as a person but he is the boss. If not him, respect his position. Because the country depends on ALL of our support. If not him, the country. But to hate those of us who do support him, that’s bigotry. Bitch about Trump being sexist or racist yet discriminate against others because of their beliefs.

It’s all evil, people. Grow up.


A Question I Cannot Find an Answer To

According to various news sources, Congress has not had an approval rating of even 30% in ten years. The overall opinion of the United States government is piss poor.

Yet at the same time, there are many, many people who feel that it is a good idea to side with candidates who want to do away with individual healthcare plans and place everyone, even those who aren’t citizens or even legal residents, into the hands of that same government. They want that same distrusted government to dish out funds to healthcare providers and be in charge of every single aspect of healthcare in the United States. The same people in Congress who we can’t even force off of Twitter for five minutes…

Am I the only one who thinks that this doesn’t make sense?

An Economics Lesson

1) Minimum Wage rises to $15 Dollars (The House voted for the increase but the Senate refused to bring it to the table, shuttering it.)

2) The Dollar Menu at McDonald’s and value menus everywhere become the $10 Menu.

3) Businesses shut down, kiosks and automated phone services take over jobs once considered entry-level, and unemployment rises.

4) A couple of years after all this, people continue to complain that they’re not getting paid a livable wage.

5) Democrats in Congress push for a vote to increase minimum wage even higher. So the $15 Menu becomes the $25 Menu and people start starving because the economy collapses. No jobs, no businesses, no anything. Maybe not in that short a time span, but still headed in that direction.

Inflation. Not to mention taxes. The more you make, the more they take. Minimum wage is meant for retirees and high schoolers. Not for the everyday worker. Always exceptions, of course, but not something Congress should think should apply to everybody.

It has more socialist echoes to it, and that is NEVER a good thing. It’s one step in the direction of them telling us where to work. Because if they control the wages and drive certain businesses to closure and a crisis ensues, then they can step in and seize control of the situation. Then we are theirs.

And they work for us, remember…

Important Lesson from Bob Dylan

I’m a nerd, so I spend way too much time on YouTube.

Years ago, I found out that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies were on there. I started watching a bunch of videos from the 1988 ceremony, where many of the legends (The Beatles, Beach Boys, etc) we’re inducted. I loved watching them all, but Bob Dylan’s acceptance speech really had me hooked.

Not too long before Bruce Springsteen took the mic to induct Bob, The Beach Boys we’re inducted. During his acceptance speech, in typical douchebag fashion, Mike Love essentially shit on half the people in attendance and sourly made calls for peace and love and harmony.

Who would expect anything else out of his mouth, right?

His words were not lost on Bob Dylan. In a much shorter, more civilized speech, Bob thanked Mike Love for not mentioning him in his tirade, ending with words of wisdom that to this day, many years later, still resonate with me.

“Peace, love, and harmony is greatly important indeed, but so is forgiveness and we gotta have that too.”

Forgiveness is something we do not have as a society. One bad thing comes out of a person’s mouth or the commit one bad deed and they’re fucked for life. Especially in the age of the internet, nothing ever goes away. We’ve forgotten our off switches. Somebody starts an argument and it just Escalades and Escalades and Escalades until it it out of control. It’s happening right now in D.C. Trump has found himself in a never-ending feud with AOC and the others in The Squad. Accusation upon insult upon accusation. We all no that neither side is going to back down and surrender. Nothing is going to silence them. It’s an allegory for the rest of us, let me tell you.

Hate hurts you. It eats you up and diarrheas you out and then pulverizes the excrement. It’s vile and contagious and the worst disease the universe has ever come up with. But at the same time, it’s also the one with the easiest and cheapest cure.

You can’t have peace and tranquility without being able to let things go. I utterly despised an ex of mine for years for really betraying me and crushing my soul. I don’t think I ever actually forgave her but I was able to just say “fuck it” and move on. But most people these days can’t even do that! You can’t have peace or love or harmony or even a stalemate half the time without some sort of forgiveness in your heart.

God forbid someone wants to deport all the immigrants living undocumented in this country. God forbid certain communists in Congress want to give health insurance to everybody. God forbid people get pissed off over people burning our flag, or worse, raising the Mexican flag over a United States Government installation. Somebody somewhere is ALWAYS going to do or say something that’s going to piss you off. That’s human nature, children. It’s always been that way and unless you’re a recluse who shuts yourself off from everybody in your bedroom for the rest of your days then you have to deal with it just like the rest of us. And let me tell you, it’s a lot more calming and comforting and peaceful to just ignore certain things and let other things slide. Grind your teeth if AOC says something stupid and just keep scrolling. Or if Trump offends you, shrug and let it be done. It’s that simple.

Why make things complicated? Or more accurately, why make things more complicated than they already are?

Grey Pride

This has nothing to do about race but everything to do with white and wrong.

We’ve gotten to the point as a nation–hell, maybe even as a world–where having even the slightest difference of opinion than somebody else could get you shit on so much it leaves you feeling angry and disillusioned. If you don’t feel one way, you’re a racist. Or an anti-American. Or a traitor. Or any other kind of bigot there is. You’re either with us or against us. Black or white. There is precious little grey left nowadays.

I pride myself in trying to always keep somewhat of an open mind. I do not believe in the impossible; in 1959 a textbook author wrote to middle school students and flat out told them that we would never reach the moon as a species. Ten years later we did. Only a decade later after haters said that it was impossible. After learning about that and seeing on Facebook and Twitter how stupid human minds are, for people to say something is impossible is not something I would trust. You have to be open-minded.

The only way to overcome division is to step over the lines the fanatics on both sides of the equation have set for themselves and come together as one. Consider what somebody else has to say. Think about it. Converse about the different points and express your opinions as to why or why you do not agree with them. Ignore the haters behind you and focus on the few intelligent beings in front of you.

Have pride in your brain. Have pride in the few other people who have brains and know how to use them.

Grey Pride 👌

Clean House

This is a plea to all of you who live in the United States.

Next year, vote for someone else. Vote for somebody new. I think a lot of the division and crap going on in this country will be automatically fixed if we vote every single one of Congress out and replace them with new representatives. Democrats or Republicans, Independents or Libertarians, Communists or Black Shirts. It doesn’t matter. Today’s reps are too busy vying for fame and power and feeding off the donations from lobbyists and neglecting their constituents. Many have been in Washington for DECADES with precious little to show for it. It’s a shit show, and we need to hold them responsible.

So before the next election, look up who your Reps and Senators are. Vote for someone else. Write somebody in if there’s no one else worthy of your vote.

Use your voice. Use your power as a citizen of the United States and hold Congress responsible. Do the same to the President if you feel the need to, but remind them all where they get their power from.

Vote them ALL OUT…