A Reminder: We Still Have Freedom of Speech

In the United States of America, we have the right to say, think, express, and believe whatever the hell we want. Nobody who is a citizen is exempt–and that includes the President of the United States.

Liberal media is outraged that Twitter did not act against Trump’s tweets. They don’t like his message and consider his recent attacks against AOC’s communist “squad” racist.

Trump violated no Twitter policy. He did not threaten or harass anybody. Technically he did not even invoke race or national origin. He told them to go back to where they came from if they hated it so much. That could very easily mean Chicago, not necessarily a foreign country like Somalia. Lord knows Washington doesn’t need anti-American politicians in it, although it is filled to the brim with them already.

Even if Trump was an outright racist, guess what? That is also covered under freedom of speech. Censorship of his Twitterfeed is not going to do anything but violate his rights as an American citizen. Especially since there are plenty of others in power who have said far worse than he without any penalty. If you do not want your own Tweets and Facebook posts censored, then do not infringe on Trump’s rights. Love him or hate him, he is an American citizen, too. And he gets the same freedoms that we get.

God bless America.


Ready To Move Again

Alexis and I’d life together in Michigan has not even great. Godawful roommate, jobs screwing her over, dingy-ass apartment complex with shitty management and maintenance…it has been a huge mess. Now that she is pregnant, the constant stress along with all the hormonal stuff is making the place unbearable.

So we are getting ready to move back to California so she can be by her mom the rest of the pregnancy.

I hated it out west the first time I was there for a few months. I was homesick, and I struggled to adjust to how different everything was out there from what I grew up with in the Midwest. I didn’t give it a chance.

But with a baby in the way and soon my own family to worry about, I have to suck it up and do what has to be done. I have to be mature and really give the state of California a chance.

In two weeks her mom and stepdad are flying out and we will all drive back. We will have a gender reveal/going away party with my family right before we leave. But the big changes coming to the two of us are continuing to grow. I’m going to be going into my thirties in January a whole lot differently than I ever thought possible, but I’m excited for the next chapter in my life.

And this time it will actually be a chapter.

We Are Digressing

Racism is on the rise. Anti-semitism, anti-White, anti-Black…all races and skin colors are being discriminated against and thanks to social media the reports are widespread. And they’re creating even more hate in other areas.

Respect for the country is at an all-time low. Kneeling for the flag, claiming it denotes slavery despite the fact it was made to denounce tyranny…

Quasi-professional athletes starting to gain more power than corporations. A record number of anti-American socialists in Congress. Politicians rallying in FOREIGN COUNTRIES. Rewriting history.

Death threats for sharing a good opinion. People speaking before they think. People refusing to use the knowledge that is at our fingertips before formulating opinions. Followers instead of leaders.

I could go on all night but I just want to know what the hell has happened to us?

Rise, Independents

We are too divided as a nation. It’s gotten to the point where we vote more for a candidate’s political party than the candidates themselves. Nancy Pelosi admitted to this, saying that even a glass of water would win in AOC’s congressional district if the water had a Democrat (D) by its name. Even though there are technically several political parties out there, the only ones given any sort of media attention are the Democrats and the Republicans. Even though I have personally started finding myself more in line with the Libertarians, I’m finding the whole concept of political parties appalling.

I can’t be the only one who has noticed a certain pattern. For the last couple of decades, Democrats take turns sharing the White House with Republicans. Reagan has it for two terms, then Clinton. Bush took over from Clinton and then Obama took the reins. After eight years of Obama, Trump got elected to his first term. At the rate things are going, his second is all but assured. (So yes, I am calling it now: death or incapacitation not withstanding, I am calling Donald Trump to be the victor in the next presidential election. I don’t care who is running against him.)

I’ve seen similar situations with the House and Senate. With all the flip-flopping back and forth, it’s hard for anything to seriously get done without the other party swooping in later on and reversing it or doing away with it completely. I hear so many people complain about the government being inefficient but still vote for which ever party they choose to align with. They add to the problem without even realizing it.

There’s an easy solution. If we want to see real change then we the people need to put PEOPLE, not parties, in control. People whose only loyalties are to the people of the United States. Candidates who can make their own decisions without party Whips coming in and coercing them to vote along party lines (which is one of the biggest reasons I despise the political parties.)

I say we disavow ourselves from the political parties and start voting in good quality people from outside of Washington. The only ones those in power fear are those who give them that power, and that is US.

Let’s take it away from them and watch them lose their minds…

Why Kaepernick?

I know that on here I have been the anti-Colin Kaepernick almost since the beginning, but hear me out.

Why do people flock to him like some kind of social justice hero?

I get why Megan Rapinoe is no popular. Lesbian soccer star who actually has some kind of talent. Her team just won and won big. I despise her for my own reasons as many do, but I at least understand her appeal.

But Kaepernick? He was washed up long before he knelt. He claims that he knelt to protest police brutality towards blacks, but has done absolutely nothing else about it before or after. Not to mention, kneeling during the National Anthem and the American flag has absolutely nothing to do with that situation. Some more reasonable liberals claim that he at least got people talking about it.

No, what he did was piss people off. What he did was cause even more division. While I never condone police violence against anybody, I can’t help feeling that he made things worse in some of the more questionable areas.

He did nothing, yet. the liberal media decided that it would profit more by crowning him Person of the Year. They glorified disrespect and notional disunity. Which, again, is another reason we should all be pissed off and upset about, but that’s another article. Nike made them their spokesperson/decision maker, all because he knelt for the flag and caused further division to this country.

And now with the Betsy Ross crap, it shows that not only did he get to be spokesman for a major company but also has said company’s balls in a vice. Pulling the shoe after it had already been shipped out just because Colin thought it MIGHT offend people. They did it unquestionably.

What is it about this guy that gives him so much power? Is it a magic Afro? Does he have blackmail material on Nike higher-ups? Is he on the payroll of Iran or one of our other enemies?

In any case, he is dangerous. An almost nobody athlete who somehow rose over all of the rest simply by disrespecting our flag. And now is part of a massive corporation. No credentials, no patriotism, no athletic ability.

Use your brains, folks. Something is not right here. Forget the media for once and use the little grey cells inside your skulls.

Standing Behind the President

Just read an article about the CEO of Home Depot. He just turned 90, has donated to many great charities and has been an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump. Like a great many Americans, even those who did not vote for him, he stands behind the President because if we don’t have our leader’s back then the whole system falls apart.

This poor, elderly philanthropist has received death threats, admonishment, and threats of boycotts just because an article about him–mostly about how he plans on donating 90% of his wealth to charity once he passes away–said that he was a Trump supporter has me outraged.

Since when does voting for one candidate over another warrant death threats? Since when does standing behind your choice make you deserve to be bullied and harassed? I thought we had FREEDOM in this country…I thought we had the right to vote and pick who we voted for?

What about Freedom of Expression? Freedom of Thought? Freedom of Choice?

Those who would try taking those rights away are enemies that every single one of us should both fear and rise up against. The left loves pretending that Trump is a dictator and a danger to the country, yet people who stand for Trump and support him are the ones who are attacked and shot down. They are the ones getting their freedoms put in jeopardy, and the culprit is certainly not Donald John Trump.

I don’t care who you vote for. It’s a basic human principle. Not everyone thinks and feels the same way you do. Everyone is different. I’m sorry that Hillary Clinton lost but that’s just how the election played out. Trump won because the electors voted for him. Millions upon millions of people voted for Trump. Many millions of people support him. That’s a fact you’re just going to have to face. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s going to change. It is selfish to think otherwise.

The country is still free, even if barely. Nobody is being rounded up by secret police and exterminated in death camps (the detention centers at the border are NOT such camps) so there is no dictatorship. There never will be. At least not under Trump.

I’ve read online that a lot of people are upset that Rapinoe and Kaepernick are getting cursed down and attacked. Scroll a little down on their own Facebook pages and you will see the same people crying about that harshly trying to put down the President. Hypocrisy. If you can deal it but can’t take it then just be quiet. Another one of those elementary school rules people need to remember from their childhoods and put into practice.

Donald Trump is the President of the United States. Nothing will change that until election time, and there’s a really good chance he will still be President for years afterward. It’s been the pattern for Presidents for decades. As Americans, we need to stand by him. Because there is an awful lot of evil in the world, and those enemies love the fact that we are a nation being split apart at the seams. But if we come together, those enemies will never do us wrong. Because a nation United is the strongest there is.

A Nation Divided—Again.

I promise this will be the last of my political posts for a little while, and that I will become more regular with my posting. But for now…

The Union and Confederacy has it easy. They knew who the enemy was. One side was abolitionists and blue uniforms, the other was pro-slaves in grey. One side was from the North, the other form the South. One side was the government of the United States, the other was one of rebels. At the end of several years of grueling warfare, one side was the victor. The country was one again.

I feel that a second civil war is edging closer and closer, only this time it’s going to be different. It’s not going to be a battle of nations or rebels vs the government, but of ideals vs ideals. Only instead of philosophical it will be violent. It will take part in every single part of this country because the political idealists are everywhere. Some with vastly-differing viewpoints even live in the same house.

The Two-Party system has divided this country. Both sides consider the other to be anti-American and the enemy. The hatred and the ridicule is seen everywhere. Our children are growing up around it, watching their parents get angry over politicians and their policies. This instills hate and fear in the youngest of generations, only to grow and grow as they do. That growing hatred is bound to get worse and worse until the first battle is fought. Then another, and another. The government might join the side of one or the other, depending on who is in charge, but they might not. They might not be able to. The population of this country outnumbers the government and police by an extraordinary margin. Rioting, looting, murder, mass destruction, and worse are what’s in store for us if we don’t get it together and find a way to come together.

Because what happens if we are busy tearing ourselves apart? We have enemies, you know. More than you think. They will be watching, waiting for the right moment. They will catch us with our pants around our ankles and we will be too weak and too divided to do anything about it. Instead of a free country where we are free to debate and share our ideas we will be answering to a new authority, or silenced altogether. We are always going to be stronger together than we ever could be apart but if we stay divided we will die divided. And history will laugh at us.

Maybe it’s already laughing…ha ha, haha