Weekly Writing Update, Week Ending August 9, 2020

Something new I’m trying, at the beginning of each week, most likely a Monday, I’m going to be giving a small recap of what I accomplished writing-wise the week before. This is mostly for my benefit, as a sort of journal of my exploits and also as a way of holding myself accountable. It would be fun down the road to look back at these posts and see what was going on.

Warning: These are going to be totally informal. Forgive me for any grammatical errors or sentence fragments.

The first and most important update from last week was that I restarted this blog! I did not post at all during the weekend due to a lack of subject matter. I am going to have to start paying attention to the news and start reading a whole lot more so that I don’t run the risk of losing interest in blogging again.

I wrote an average of 1,000 words every day. At the end of the week I had completed one full-length science fiction story and immediately got the inspiration for a much shorter story, which was written in ten minutes. Two stories in one week after many months of writing nothing. SCORE!

Active on Twitter again, taking advantage of the #WritingCommunity posts. Making some new friends. Also have been a little active on the Fiction Writing page on Facebook. Lots of motivation and cool people on there.

Goals for the following week: keep it all going. No word count goals, no set number of blog entries, just taking every day as it comes but making sure that writing and blogging get done. This is only my second “official” week back at writing. No need to go for the hundred-pound dumbbells while I’m not used to the two-pounders yet…

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