The Dick Side of the Force

“Anger. Fear. Hate. The Dark Side of the Force are they.”

Mark Hamill must not have rewatched The Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi recently. His latest insults towards Ivanka Trump’s young child wearing a Star Wars costume in a Tweet have pushed him over the edge.

You’ve been playing the Joker for so long, Hamill, that you’ve clearly lost your mind. Why on God’s black Earth would you insult a child wearing a costume? What the hell is wrong with you? I get the you are the typical liberal stooge that’s been infesting Hollywood for years, but just because you don’t agree with the current President gives you NO RIGHT to pick on his grandchildren. There was nothing political about it. Kids dress up all the time. And I guarantee you the vast majority of them don’t have a respected movie icon reducing them to near-tears because you’re still butthurt several years later that Clinton Number Two lost.

When you play a character that is known and loved all over the world, you have a responsibility to your audience. To set an example and be a role-model, the way actors and actresses were forever until politics polluted everything. Not be a raging dick-hound and embarrass yourself being political to kids who don’t understand the slightest thing about American politics.

You fucked up, Hamill. You have succumbed to the Dick Side of the Force. Emperor Clinton demands that you kneel before her, her apprentice.

And stay off Twitter for a while.

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