Fast Food Workers and the $15 Minimum Wage Question

I know I’ve only been working in the fast food industry for a few days, but let me tell you. It has been QUITE the learning experience. Especially since I’m training to be a manager, there is a shit ton on my plate that would overwhelm the uninitiated. Fortunately my background in retail management gives me a little bit of an advantage, but all the food stuff I was not prepared for.

It’s made me look at the fast food industry in a whole new light.

Instead of going on the long rant I normally do, I just want to address a couple of points. Do I think that fast food workers deserve 15 an hour? No. I do think they deserve more than minimum wage, for the sheer fact that there is so much more to the fast food industry than ringing up orders and frying burgers, but 15 is overkill. I made that much as a store manager in Michigan doing alllllllll the responsibilities a manager has to do. It would be a slap in the face for people who are working their first jobs to make more than most people have worked years to earn.

On the management end, however, I think that 15 is a very reasonable number. At least at the hourly shift manager wage. Not only do I have to learn every station, but I have employees to manage, sales numbers to keep up on and track, goals to meet, food temperatures to watch, registers to count down, customer service complaints, a lot of this all at the same time. No time whatsoever to stand around resting. In retail sometimes you can breathe a little bit more depending on the number of customers. There is too much to do in fast food.

Fast food workers do not get enough credit for what they do. I am a little biased. You know, since I am one myself, but before this I have heard people talk down about fast food workers and it really isn’t fair. They work in a fast, hot, stressful environment where it is quite easy to forget to use the bathroom or even grab a sip to drink. Sometimes there isn’t even time for either. It is among the most relentless of industries and its rough. So while I don’t feel like a dramatic pay raise is in order, I feel that companies need to start paying their people a little more. They’ve earned it.

2 thoughts on “Fast Food Workers and the $15 Minimum Wage Question”

  1. I’ve read of restaurants closing since $15 an hour was mandated (in certain areas). Do you think this is true? If so, is it because top management is telling everyone to eff off or is it because they can’t stay profitable?
    I worked in fast food as a teen and had nightmares. The work was extremely hard and it was never done!! No matter how hard you worked, there were always more hungry people! Maybe processes have streamlined since I was a teen, but we never had time to sit around.
    All that to say, my question is an honest one.


    1. Outside of the military, it is no joke the hardest job I have ever done in my life. Yet it is an industry where most people either look down on you or have no respect for you. But you’re right. More and more and more people come to you for food.


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