Toxic Bitch Syndrome

We all know people who fit the description.

They are always right and everyone else is always wrong.

They think they know everything. God help you if you prove them wrong…

Nothing is ever their fault. It’s always everyone else who is to blame…

They feel entitled to everything. 11 times out of 10 they do NOTHING to deserve anything they think they deserve.

Something is always wrong. Usually physically…

They are somehow experts in every field known to man.

They feel above everybody else. It doesn’t matter if they’re inconveniencing people around them. How can everybody else even think of not putting their lives aside just to satisfy them??

They could teach you a thing or two about excuses.

And whining. If they don’t get what they want they will NEVER stop bitching about it.

They believe that they are the center of the whole universe. Pay them attention or they will find a way to remind you of their presence…

They have no shame. About ANYTHING.

They are not just confined to one particular kind of person. Any man or woman can become afflicted.

Toxic Masculinity my ass. It’s Toxic Bitch Syndrome that’s really causing the world to go down the drain…

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