Trump Supporter Discrimination

Donald J. Trump, despite the wishes of some people, IS the President of The United States. Like it or not, it is extremely unlikely he will leave office before the election in 2020.

Many of us, in fact, many millions of us, support him. We are called racist, sexist, and anti-American. We are ridiculed, attacked, scorned, vilified, and talked down upon. People shy away from you or even unfriend you on Facebook if they know you support him.

Sounds a lot like discrimination, right?

That’s because it is.

Like it or not, he is the President. People waste so much time attacking him and making his life hell that it’s hard for him to do his job. Which is to lead the country. You may not like him as a person but he is the boss. If not him, respect his position. Because the country depends on ALL of our support. If not him, the country. But to hate those of us who do support him, that’s bigotry. Bitch about Trump being sexist or racist yet discriminate against others because of their beliefs.

It’s all evil, people. Grow up.

4 thoughts on “Trump Supporter Discrimination”

  1. I dislike President Trump, however, I do find equating him and his followers with white supremacy to be hate speech. I ask myself what is the difference between calling Hispanics an infestation and Trump supporters mass killers. To me, it is the same.

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