A Question I Cannot Find an Answer To

According to various news sources, Congress has not had an approval rating of even 30% in ten years. The overall opinion of the United States government is piss poor.

Yet at the same time, there are many, many people who feel that it is a good idea to side with candidates who want to do away with individual healthcare plans and place everyone, even those who aren’t citizens or even legal residents, into the hands of that same government. They want that same distrusted government to dish out funds to healthcare providers and be in charge of every single aspect of healthcare in the United States. The same people in Congress who we can’t even force off of Twitter for five minutes…

Am I the only one who thinks that this doesn’t make sense?

3 thoughts on “A Question I Cannot Find an Answer To”

  1. Exactly! I’m particularly fascinated with the short term memory of those same. Remember the European couple who were fighting the doctors, hospital and government (during our election) for the right to bring their child to the US for a treatment that could says its life? The courts refused and the child died? This is socialized medicine ….”They” determine who, when and if, life is “worth” saving.
    Too, how do they miss that ” the government pays for it” actually means we do? Nothing is ever free.
    Like chess, He who controls the board, controls the game and all the pieces, especially when it’s the essentials of life.

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