An Economics Lesson

1) Minimum Wage rises to $15 Dollars (The House voted for the increase but the Senate refused to bring it to the table, shuttering it.)

2) The Dollar Menu at McDonald’s and value menus everywhere become the $10 Menu.

3) Businesses shut down, kiosks and automated phone services take over jobs once considered entry-level, and unemployment rises.

4) A couple of years after all this, people continue to complain that they’re not getting paid a livable wage.

5) Democrats in Congress push for a vote to increase minimum wage even higher. So the $15 Menu becomes the $25 Menu and people start starving because the economy collapses. No jobs, no businesses, no anything. Maybe not in that short a time span, but still headed in that direction.

Inflation. Not to mention taxes. The more you make, the more they take. Minimum wage is meant for retirees and high schoolers. Not for the everyday worker. Always exceptions, of course, but not something Congress should think should apply to everybody.

It has more socialist echoes to it, and that is NEVER a good thing. It’s one step in the direction of them telling us where to work. Because if they control the wages and drive certain businesses to closure and a crisis ensues, then they can step in and seize control of the situation. Then we are theirs.

And they work for us, remember…

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