Important Lesson from Bob Dylan

I’m a nerd, so I spend way too much time on YouTube.

Years ago, I found out that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies were on there. I started watching a bunch of videos from the 1988 ceremony, where many of the legends (The Beatles, Beach Boys, etc) we’re inducted. I loved watching them all, but Bob Dylan’s acceptance speech really had me hooked.

Not too long before Bruce Springsteen took the mic to induct Bob, The Beach Boys we’re inducted. During his acceptance speech, in typical douchebag fashion, Mike Love essentially shit on half the people in attendance and sourly made calls for peace and love and harmony.

Who would expect anything else out of his mouth, right?

His words were not lost on Bob Dylan. In a much shorter, more civilized speech, Bob thanked Mike Love for not mentioning him in his tirade, ending with words of wisdom that to this day, many years later, still resonate with me.

“Peace, love, and harmony is greatly important indeed, but so is forgiveness and we gotta have that too.”

Forgiveness is something we do not have as a society. One bad thing comes out of a person’s mouth or the commit one bad deed and they’re fucked for life. Especially in the age of the internet, nothing ever goes away. We’ve forgotten our off switches. Somebody starts an argument and it just Escalades and Escalades and Escalades until it it out of control. It’s happening right now in D.C. Trump has found himself in a never-ending feud with AOC and the others in The Squad. Accusation upon insult upon accusation. We all no that neither side is going to back down and surrender. Nothing is going to silence them. It’s an allegory for the rest of us, let me tell you.

Hate hurts you. It eats you up and diarrheas you out and then pulverizes the excrement. It’s vile and contagious and the worst disease the universe has ever come up with. But at the same time, it’s also the one with the easiest and cheapest cure.

You can’t have peace and tranquility without being able to let things go. I utterly despised an ex of mine for years for really betraying me and crushing my soul. I don’t think I ever actually forgave her but I was able to just say “fuck it” and move on. But most people these days can’t even do that! You can’t have peace or love or harmony or even a stalemate half the time without some sort of forgiveness in your heart.

God forbid someone wants to deport all the immigrants living undocumented in this country. God forbid certain communists in Congress want to give health insurance to everybody. God forbid people get pissed off over people burning our flag, or worse, raising the Mexican flag over a United States Government installation. Somebody somewhere is ALWAYS going to do or say something that’s going to piss you off. That’s human nature, children. It’s always been that way and unless you’re a recluse who shuts yourself off from everybody in your bedroom for the rest of your days then you have to deal with it just like the rest of us. And let me tell you, it’s a lot more calming and comforting and peaceful to just ignore certain things and let other things slide. Grind your teeth if AOC says something stupid and just keep scrolling. Or if Trump offends you, shrug and let it be done. It’s that simple.

Why make things complicated? Or more accurately, why make things more complicated than they already are?

3 thoughts on “Important Lesson from Bob Dylan”

  1. Nice. Forgiveness is a better “F” word. Funny that we cringe at forgiveness, but the other “F” word, that’s often used to spout hate doesn’t get a second thought. By the way, that wasn’t an assault on your use of expletives. I’m sensitive to curse words because I don’t like the hate that’s often behind it, but I’m all for peace and forgiveness, so kudos.


  2. I feel really awkward about how I worded my comment. It was meant to encourage you for the good points that you made in your post, but somehow I feel like I goofed it up. That’s just me. I totally appreciated the points you made about forgiveness. I don’t know why I went off on a tangant about the “F” word. I guess I was trying to point out how backwards this world can be, but then I realized it could have sounded like I was assaulting your use of the “F” word, which was not where I was going. Anyways, that sort of stuck in my head, so I felt like I needed to explain my comment or I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I probably
    said enough now. *she sheepishly leaves comment*

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