Grey Pride

This has nothing to do about race but everything to do with white and wrong.

We’ve gotten to the point as a nation–hell, maybe even as a world–where having even the slightest difference of opinion than somebody else could get you shit on so much it leaves you feeling angry and disillusioned. If you don’t feel one way, you’re a racist. Or an anti-American. Or a traitor. Or any other kind of bigot there is. You’re either with us or against us. Black or white. There is precious little grey left nowadays.

I pride myself in trying to always keep somewhat of an open mind. I do not believe in the impossible; in 1959 a textbook author wrote to middle school students and flat out told them that we would never reach the moon as a species. Ten years later we did. Only a decade later after haters said that it was impossible. After learning about that and seeing on Facebook and Twitter how stupid human minds are, for people to say something is impossible is not something I would trust. You have to be open-minded.

The only way to overcome division is to step over the lines the fanatics on both sides of the equation have set for themselves and come together as one. Consider what somebody else has to say. Think about it. Converse about the different points and express your opinions as to why or why you do not agree with them. Ignore the haters behind you and focus on the few intelligent beings in front of you.

Have pride in your brain. Have pride in the few other people who have brains and know how to use them.

Grey Pride 👌

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