Clean House

This is a plea to all of you who live in the United States.

Next year, vote for someone else. Vote for somebody new. I think a lot of the division and crap going on in this country will be automatically fixed if we vote every single one of Congress out and replace them with new representatives. Democrats or Republicans, Independents or Libertarians, Communists or Black Shirts. It doesn’t matter. Today’s reps are too busy vying for fame and power and feeding off the donations from lobbyists and neglecting their constituents. Many have been in Washington for DECADES with precious little to show for it. It’s a shit show, and we need to hold them responsible.

So before the next election, look up who your Reps and Senators are. Vote for someone else. Write somebody in if there’s no one else worthy of your vote.

Use your voice. Use your power as a citizen of the United States and hold Congress responsible. Do the same to the President if you feel the need to, but remind them all where they get their power from.

Vote them ALL OUT…

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