A Reminder: We Still Have Freedom of Speech

In the United States of America, we have the right to say, think, express, and believe whatever the hell we want. Nobody who is a citizen is exempt–and that includes the President of the United States.

Liberal media is outraged that Twitter did not act against Trump’s tweets. They don’t like his message and consider his recent attacks against AOC’s communist “squad” racist.

Trump violated no Twitter policy. He did not threaten or harass anybody. Technically he did not even invoke race or national origin. He told them to go back to where they came from if they hated it so much. That could very easily mean Chicago, not necessarily a foreign country like Somalia. Lord knows Washington doesn’t need anti-American politicians in it, although it is filled to the brim with them already.

Even if Trump was an outright racist, guess what? That is also covered under freedom of speech. Censorship of his Twitterfeed is not going to do anything but violate his rights as an American citizen. Especially since there are plenty of others in power who have said far worse than he without any penalty. If you do not want your own Tweets and Facebook posts censored, then do not infringe on Trump’s rights. Love him or hate him, he is an American citizen, too. And he gets the same freedoms that we get.

God bless America.

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