We Are Digressing

Racism is on the rise. Anti-semitism, anti-White, anti-Black…all races and skin colors are being discriminated against and thanks to social media the reports are widespread. And they’re creating even more hate in other areas.

Respect for the country is at an all-time low. Kneeling for the flag, claiming it denotes slavery despite the fact it was made to denounce tyranny…

Quasi-professional athletes starting to gain more power than corporations. A record number of anti-American socialists in Congress. Politicians rallying in FOREIGN COUNTRIES. Rewriting history.

Death threats for sharing a good opinion. People speaking before they think. People refusing to use the knowledge that is at our fingertips before formulating opinions. Followers instead of leaders.

I could go on all night but I just want to know what the hell has happened to us?

10 thoughts on “We Are Digressing”

    1. I’m worried that the only thing that could save it is something extremely horrible, but even then if disaster does strike I fear that the corrupted politicians will still twist it against each other. And if something happens to the politicians, I worry that worse ones with radical ideas would take their place. An entire Congress of AOCs. Then we might as well burn the constitution, change our name and be an entirely new country

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      1. Sadly, I think you are right, but I already fear we are there. If disaster were to strike, or perhaps a war, which I definitely think we are on the verge of, and coming very soon, my biggest fear is that all these radical Liberals who hate our country so much won’t step up to the plate to help. Sadly, I think we are already lost.


  1. While I think some changes are necessary, I feel that we have become far too sensitive (among other things) as a society. It’s almost to the point where you cannot say “good morning” without some getting offended.

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  2. Hi John
    There was a time when I snickered at people who were ” conspiracy theorist”. They were all aliens, big foot, messy, government control…blah blah. Crazy people.
    I fear I’m becoming the very thing! Having owned my own business and advertising via mass media, also band promotions, I became acutely aware that us radio, every channel we have is owned and controlled by only 4 actual company’s and thereby also very rich persons. Everything we hear on the radio, every song etc is controlled / permitted by about 4 people. Even major artists, pay big buck just to get their music on the air.
    It’s not very different with TV.
    In short, we are told what to believe…fed a narrative at all times.
    Is racism on the rise? Or, are we being told it is? In my daily life, there’s no evidence of it. While living in multiple, high diverse areas, everyone is kind, friendly, neighborly, connected. Does it exist? Of course it does! But, is it being magnified? Possibly. Is it teaching bbn us to be suspicious of others and telling us that others hate us…are our enemy and therefore creating or furthering the problem? I think so. Would anyone benefit from dividing the citizenry? Absolutely! A people divided are easy to control…a single branch is easily broken, a bundle though has strength and a people who are come together may overthrow an aristocratic government who fail to represent them .
    Our government controls by laws that are bought by big businesses throwing big money into campaign funds for votes to pass laws in their favor…. it isn’t curious that the media is owned by big business and politicians are owned by them too.
    Research how politicans with a worth of $100,000, comes into office which pays $120,000 a year and in a couple years are suddenly worth millions.

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    1. I live in a very diverse area, as well. I’ve been hearing in local news about “police brutality” cases with the local police department, but I never see them in person. I know many police officers personally and they are among the greatest human beings I’ve ever known. I’m sure the department isn’t perfect but still. Sheep flock to the news because they don’t know any better. No need for brainwashing when the masses will come willingly

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