Ready To Move Again

Alexis and I’d life together in Michigan has not even great. Godawful roommate, jobs screwing her over, dingy-ass apartment complex with shitty management and maintenance…it has been a huge mess. Now that she is pregnant, the constant stress along with all the hormonal stuff is making the place unbearable.

So we are getting ready to move back to California so she can be by her mom the rest of the pregnancy.

I hated it out west the first time I was there for a few months. I was homesick, and I struggled to adjust to how different everything was out there from what I grew up with in the Midwest. I didn’t give it a chance.

But with a baby in the way and soon my own family to worry about, I have to suck it up and do what has to be done. I have to be mature and really give the state of California a chance.

In two weeks her mom and stepdad are flying out and we will all drive back. We will have a gender reveal/going away party with my family right before we leave. But the big changes coming to the two of us are continuing to grow. I’m going to be going into my thirties in January a whole lot differently than I ever thought possible, but I’m excited for the next chapter in my life.

And this time it will actually be a chapter.

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