Rise, Independents

We are too divided as a nation. It’s gotten to the point where we vote more for a candidate’s political party than the candidates themselves. Nancy Pelosi admitted to this, saying that even a glass of water would win in AOC’s congressional district if the water had a Democrat (D) by its name. Even though there are technically several political parties out there, the only ones given any sort of media attention are the Democrats and the Republicans. Even though I have personally started finding myself more in line with the Libertarians, I’m finding the whole concept of political parties appalling.

I can’t be the only one who has noticed a certain pattern. For the last couple of decades, Democrats take turns sharing the White House with Republicans. Reagan has it for two terms, then Clinton. Bush took over from Clinton and then Obama took the reins. After eight years of Obama, Trump got elected to his first term. At the rate things are going, his second is all but assured. (So yes, I am calling it now: death or incapacitation not withstanding, I am calling Donald Trump to be the victor in the next presidential election. I don’t care who is running against him.)

I’ve seen similar situations with the House and Senate. With all the flip-flopping back and forth, it’s hard for anything to seriously get done without the other party swooping in later on and reversing it or doing away with it completely. I hear so many people complain about the government being inefficient but still vote for which ever party they choose to align with. They add to the problem without even realizing it.

There’s an easy solution. If we want to see real change then we the people need to put PEOPLE, not parties, in control. People whose only loyalties are to the people of the United States. Candidates who can make their own decisions without party Whips coming in and coercing them to vote along party lines (which is one of the biggest reasons I despise the political parties.)

I say we disavow ourselves from the political parties and start voting in good quality people from outside of Washington. The only ones those in power fear are those who give them that power, and that is US.

Let’s take it away from them and watch them lose their minds…

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