New Bronco

I’m really late posting this, but on Monday I officially began studies at Western Michigan University! It took YEARS of overcoming laziness and playing the waiting game (especially with financial aid) but I am officially a Bronco.

I’m taking a full Summer I course load to start off, with African Literature and Storytelling. Since summer is split in two each part is highly accelerated, so I have been working my ass off–especially for the African Lit class. I’m already reading and getting ready for my first paper that I have to turn in the middle of next week, which let me tell you as much as I love writing the thought of digging online through scholarly articles and stuff scares the hell out of me. But oh well. Welcome to junior-level English, ladies and gentlemen!

It also means that I will have to put the Bradbury Program in hold for a bit. I’m going to be doing even more reading and rereading for the classes, so I think it will make up for it. As for fiction, I’ve been REALLY lazy writing lately, but again with a full paper due in just a couple of days I think being a college student again will make up for it.

Hopefully I can force myself to finish this time…

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