Final Thoughts of 28

Tomorrow is my birthday, so I only have a couple of hours left of being a 28 year-old. Then I begin the final year of my twenties and can really start to feel old.

I’ve been trying for the last couple of hours to think of some major philosophical, birthday-ish thoughts I could share on here, but 28 isn’t the age you really have a right to really do any deep thinking about. Tomorrow will come, as it always does. The weather here in West Michigan once again will keep a lot of places snowed in, and Alexis and I both have the day off. Tentative plans with the family have us all going to P.F. Chang’s to celebrate, but we will see how the roads look.

So, what are some final thoughts I have right about now?

1) I think we’re all a bunch of fools when it comes to forming opinions and choosing our political “heroes.” We don’t know enough to really form adequate opinions about anything, and most of us are too lazy to do research, so we are all easily swayed by what we see and hear on TV. But fortunately, at least from what I’ve seen, very slowly but surely more and more people are waking up.

2) Change is natural. You either have to accept that, or be left behind as the world goes on it’s way without so much as looking back. Politics, religion, social norms, attitudes about everything…it’s all changing. We can’t stop it, even if we wanted to. It’s out of our hands.

3) I don’t believe in heroes anymore. I don’t think they have a place in the world, and cause more problems than good. Labeling a person as a “hero” is nothing but a political honor these days, and anything politically-rooted causes more harm than good.

Well, that’s enough late-night rambling right now. Maybe tomorrow when I have more energy I will touch up on some of these thoughts in more detail.

Have a safe night, folks.


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