State of Emergency Michigan!

I just read in the news that the Governor has declared a State of Emergency in Michigan as a result of the bad weather expected the next couple of days. I knew that after the fairly mild Christmas we just had here that the worst would be here before we knew it, but it’s due to be the coldest it’s been in almost three decades–somewhere between negative 20 and negative 30 plus degree windchills.

You know it’s bad around here when retailers in normally-busy areas shut down early. I had already ordered an Uber to get me from my apartment and bring me to Vitamin Shoppe when my boss calls me and tells me that the district manager was shutting us down and to not even bother coming in. I had to pay a five dollar convenience fee for that, but at least I got another day off.

I got a hankering for some Pepsi, so I somewhat unwisely decided to bundle up around seven pm and take a hike down the road to the gas station for a couple of 2-liters. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too terribly cold out. The sidewalks hadn’t been plowed, but in a way that worked out for me because when the snow is packed that high it hardens up, so I did not have to slip and slide like I was practicing for the Olympics the entire trip. It also wasn’t too windy, but according to the news reports that luck will not last the night.

As much as I would love for my store to be closed again tomorrow, I have bills to pay and school to get ready for in the fall. The store gets pretty toasty, and there’s certainly going to be a lot to get done. The cold will likely keep the vast majority of customers today, so it will be the perfect time to catch up on stuff. I’m sure my boss and the assistant manager did not get hardly any shipment sorted today, which will make my opening shift fly by, especially if the store is dead. If anything, I will likely be there for only a few hours if they decide to shut us down again. That or I will be woken up by everyone’s favorite phone call and I can go back to bed.

Regardless, if you live in the Midwest, be safe please. Stay warm, prepare for the worst. And drive safe!


2 thoughts on “State of Emergency Michigan!”

  1. Times like these make a lot of people who live in California, or other warmer states so thankful!! Growing up in Wisconsin, I know the bone chilling cold is extremely dangerous. So please stay safe and warm!


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