Rant: Logic Over Emotion

We live in a society where people lose their minds and get scared over seeing other people wear certain red baseball caps. Fear, hate, and anger are overstepping logic and sane thoughts and are consequently creating bias and discrimination throughout the country, if not the world. We have stopped thinking like human beings and have devolved into the same tantrum-throwing, whining savages that we are supposed to be raising our children NOT to be like.

If Mr. Spock were to visit 21st Century Earth right now, he’d shake his head and have himself beamed right back on board the Enterprise. Logic has truly abandoned most of us.

Our lack of intelligent thought and conversations as a race is setting us on a very dangerous path. It is easier for us to make enemies and judge people than it is to love and make friends. We are quick to join groups but as soon as we do we cut off the rest of the world outside our own little section of it. If you’re not with us, you are the enemy. That is how our world is rapidly beginning to operate.

This is a tribal mentality. We are too advanced and have been on this planet for too long for us to divert back to barbaric practices. It is a damn shame that in this age of mass communication and technological achievement that we start breaking down and putting these breakthroughs to bad use. We invent all these tools to help us communicate quicker and easier, yet we can’t talk to the person next to us without getting into an argument. We react with our guts, not our brains. Ironically across the country bellies are getting bigger while educational standards continue to slip. That says a lot, doesn’t it?

I’d like to believe that we are better than this, but I have precious little evidence to back that up anymore. I predict that unless something very, very big happens that snaps people back to reality, something very, very BAD will happen and there will be nothing we can do about it accept suffer the consequences.

Think before you speak. Think before you act. Think before you cast judgement on someone. Because if you don’t, you’re part of the problem.


7 thoughts on “Rant: Logic Over Emotion”

  1. I hear you but just predicting that something very very big should happen to avert the very very bad wolf coming to eat us up is vague and as it is, we have enough vagueness to deal with, but then again that is probably what I would have said too regarding the solution to the damages we are imposing on ourselves. I totally agree though that the same tech we got advanced in, will sadly be the death of us, maybe even literally, but most importantly like you stated, logically. Provoking thoughts, great post!


  2. I would like to add to your rant with, Where has common sense gone?! Along side people using their emotions to respond to any and all incidents, if they had used even a tiny bit of common sense they probably wouldn’t be in that situation to begin with!


  3. Rant on. Facts are not feelings. Feelings are not facts. I believe that social media has create echo chambers where our ideas are echoed back to us. We end up being conspiracy theorists about the oddest things.


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