Podcast Incoming!

My brother has gotten me interested in a podcast he and my dad love called Timesuck. I’ve never really listened to a podcast before, so I never really understood too much about them. Turns out, they are pretty much just blogs that are spoken, kind of like having your own radio show.

Obviously, this has me intrigued!

I can’t tell you have many times over the years customers would come up to me at the register and tell me that I have a radio announcer’s voice. I always got a kick out of it but didn’t ever think too much more about alit after those customers left. But lately, having only just returned to customer service after a long break, I’ve had customers start pointing it out to me again.

Naturally, I am not a fan of modern news outlets because of all the political bullshit, and also apart from those with really long car rides most people turn the radio to music when they’re riding somewhere. I figured that I’d have no way to put my voice to good use so I never seriously thought of doing anything like that.

Now that I know more about podcasts, I’m seriously looking more into making one of those. Not as simple or free as making a blog–I know I will need peace, quiet, and God knows how much equipment to make a good one. If I’m making that sort of investment, I don’t want it to be a bullshit effort. It has to be good.

In the meantime, I’m going to set a goal of writing a few short bits for here every day and study any good podcast I come across and see how it’s done.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store!


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