About to be an Uncle!

The Siebelink family is growing.

I am currently at Butterworth Hospital in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, hanging out with my parents as we wait for my niece–their first grandkid–to be born! She still has a while to go, I think, so I am just out strolling the hallways with my parents so I decided to write a few thoughts here, since I’m about to become Uncle John!

1) In a playful way, I never thought my kid brother would become a father before me. So I’m a little jealous. Out of all three of us, he was the one I expected to not have a kid at all. For a long time he was against dating or having kids or even moving out of my parents’ house. Now he is not only for-all-intents-and-purposes engaged to Katelynn, but is on the verge of being a daddy himself. Our youngest brother, Cy, and his fiancé are also expecting. Alexis and I are the only ones (so far) who don’t have babies on the way, so for now I am happy to just be an uncle to this beautiful little girl. Next week Cy and Brooke find out if they’re having a boy or a girl. The excitement is unreal.

2) I have always been a baby-lover. I can never stop smiling whenever I am around the really little ones, so to have one so close to home is going to be amazing. It’s going to be a huge change for everyone, but it’s a needed change, I think. It’s about time for some excitement and more love in our little family. Helps break up the monotony of things and gives us all things to look forward to. I can’t wait to see my brothers grow and mature once they have kids, and be able to be that funny, crazy uncle that their kids will adore. It will definitely get me out of my apartment a lot more, because I see myself heading across town to my parents’ place quite a lot.

3) I can’t wait to learn from them. Sure, I can read all the parenting and expectant father books that are out there (and knowing me, I will) but to see it up close and person will be great. Alexis and I are both anxious to be parents, though we are by no means trying. Being a parent and all the stuff that goes into it medically is different from when our parents were first doing it, so having people who have experienced it all from the beginning is going to be of huge help if and when the time comes for me to start preparing myself.

I’m in for a long night, so if I think of anything else to write I will post it.

God, the suspense is horrible!


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