Back to Writing (Again)

For the past few days I had a little bit of a plan. Instead of trying to tell stories it set myself a serious goal of a certain number of words or pages a day, I thought I would just take it easy for once and focus on thoughts, feelings, observations, and what not. Description and the inner workings of a character’s mind have always been my weaknesses as a writer. I was hoping going into the New Year I could start working on the basics of writing instead of full-on composition.

I tried doing that today, but was having a rough day and had too many thoughts on my mind to do any deep thinking. Instead, I’ve been working on a few scenes of a mystery story that’s been on my mind the past couple of days. I envisioned it as a short story, and quite frankly I hope it stays a short story. I know how easy it is for something short to expand into something longer, especially when the author loves rambling on about things as much as I do.

So far, I have almost 400 words written. That’s more fiction than I’ve written at one time in quite a while, so at least I’m on the right track. My record for finishing stories that I start is very slim. Grand Master Heinlein would be disappointed if he knew how many times I have broken that big rule of his. I’m not one for actual New Year Resolutions after having failed in so many of them, but if I could as a writer set only one for myself for the year 2019 it would be to finish what I start.

Maybe then Robert Heinlein won’t rip me too much of a new one when the time comes for me to finally pass on someday…


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