Drawing From Life

Sort of continuing on from my depressing rant yesterday, I was doing some heavy thinking today about writing and where I’m at in life as a writer, trying to figure out how to get better. Like I was saying, I don’t have a lot of world-experience. I haven’t done much traveling, I haven’t met too many interesting characters that haven’t been portrayed countless times in every sort of media imaginable, and I have never been good at detailed description. I’m great at dialogue; I could write plays. But plays don’t sell, and you sort of have to bribe and plead in order for a community theater to even give your script a look at (so I’ve been told). I have no way in hell of knowing how to ever get something on the Broadway stage…

Getting back on track, though, I feel like this is why I have always strayed towards science fiction. Not just because of the spaceships and aliens, but because I have much more leeway with my imagination and could potentially make up for what I’m lacking in real-world experience. But even then, I’m struggling because I found out not too long ago that if you can’t talk about the world around you good enough, how the hell are you going to be able to talk about a made up world that people would have a hard time believing in?

I do have another mystery story floating in my head that’s been brewing around int here the past couple of days. I’m hoping on Sunday I might be able to do something with that, but if not then I won’t. However, I have also made the conscious decision to stop trying to tell stories and to try and start taking in life. I want to train myself to notice things in the world around me and to make notes of them. I want to collect thoughts, feelings, and reactions. I want to actually hear my inner self trying to tell me things, and I want to record it all. I want to capture real life characters instead of assembling mine in my head like a puzzle the way I have with characters in the past.

I don’t know if any of this will actually help me be a better writer or not, but at least I’ll be more attuned to the world around me. That can’t be a bad thing at all. If in the end no stories or anything come from my work, no harm no foul. But it might make me more aware, and that could be what helps me to the next level as a writer.


3 thoughts on “Drawing From Life”

  1. Do travel, if you can. Flights are relatively cheap and you can usually find cheap places to stay, try youth hostels or Air BnB in Europe and the UK. You don’t have to go away for ages, it’s common in the UK for people to fly to New York City for a long weekend. Use your blog contacts for tips and even cheap places to stay and go. Travel expands your mind, experience and creativity so much.

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  2. One thing that helped me was understanding the various themes in writing. Pick any literary work and look up its themes. It’s difficult to write a focused work if you aren’t clear on what your themes are. I traveled the world as a kid while my dad was in the US Air Force, then on my own with my career in the Navy. That would seem to give me tons of material – and it does – but themes are what you need to guide your story.

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