Protein Power!

Continuing on from where I left off last night, I made up the packet of Pro Pudding I got from work. Against my girlfriend’s advice (I didn’t want to use the tiny bit of milk we had left until Saturday) I blended my powder with water. I let my roommate Sara and Alexis try it first and they thought it was good, but the first bite I tried left a funky taste in my mouth. Then again, from my experience protein powders are a million times better with milk, so that might have been a cause for the bitterness. That and maybe the temperature. I put it in the fridge overnight and will try it cold when I get home. Hopefully the taste will have improved at least a little.

When I got to work this morning I decided to try IsoTech 42 by BodyTech. These are bottles of a protein liquid I found while stocking my cooler at work that pack a whomping 42 grams of whey isolate protein! I’ve never seen a single-serving beverage contain so much protein in my life, so I had to jump at it. My work carries grape and orange flavors, and I am not sure if Vitamin Shoppe carries any other flavors on the website or not. Did not have time to check. (Correction: my store manager told me it also comes in blue raspberry.)

I decided to try the orange one first. The first sensation I felt was the typical artificial orange flavoring you would find in any fruit drink, but once it hit my throat it quickly diluted itself into a quasi-bitter liquid that somehow felt hard going down my throat. The second sipping was better, though it’s by no means a drink to savor and enjoy. Then again, that’s not it’s intended purpose.

All in all, it’s a great way to get some fast absorbing protein when you can’t have a shake. I’m going to do a lot more reading tonight and tomorrow about the various ingredients for personal development reasons, and will check back in here tonight about the Pro Pudding.

There are still a couple of other options to go, though!


3 thoughts on “Protein Power!”

  1. How much protein are you trying to consume? Are you keeping track of your macros? I actually bought one of those packets of Pro Pudding over a year ago and still haven’t tried it. Haha

    The only protein powder I use is the ON Gold Standard Whey in Cookies and Cream with water or vanilla almond milk and I also sometimes mix it with the Vega One All in one shake in Vanilla in a shaker bottle. It doesn’t clump up and the texture is pretty legit.

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    1. I haven’t started officially yet, just studying and trying new things so I can get an action plan going hopefully by the start of the new year. I want to shoot for a gram per body weight since I really want my muscles to grow

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  2. I’m so picky about protein powders. If they don’t dissolve properly, the texture is overwhelming. I’ve yet to find a protein powder that makes me want more!


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