Here is to a New Week

The weekend could have ended on a better note. Saturday night I was stepping into the shower and hit a slick spot that sent me through the shower curtain and busted my head on the bathroom sink. That gave me a headache that put me in a sour and emotional mood all day yesterday. I wanted to workout and maybe even do some writing, but instead I stayed mostly in bed playing Assassin’s Creed while Alexis was at a baby shower. Not the most productive day by any means.

Well, today is Monday and the head is feeling a little better. I meant to wake up really early this morning and try doing some fiction writing for the first time in ages, but decided to instead do that tonight since I was so exhausted from the past couple of days. I needed some extra time to think about what one of the many story ideas floating around in my brain deserved a chance to be sketched out on paper first.

The title for Avengers 4 is allegedly due out sometime between today and Wednesday (Wednesday being all the more likely) so the fan boy in me is being even more impatient than I usually am about things like this. Having to work all week will keep me occupied and hopefully thinking about stuff to write. It’s been so long.

As far as working out and stuff, still doing it. I’m working on eating better and more regularly but I do not have enough groceries at home to make it completely a clean or healthy eating diet, but I can definitely make some steps in the right direction. As best I can I’m going to try attack the 21-Day Fix and burn some calories, but I’m not going to become a health Nazi about it (yet, anyway).

I’m hoping this week will be a good week. It’s going to be busy, both in and out of work, but hopefully I can get a lot of good shit done.


3 thoughts on “Here is to a New Week”

    1. I didn’t hit it THAT hard! Hit my elbow on the toilet and that hurt even worse. I know the signs of a concussion like the back of my hand, and I didn’t even see stars. Just hurts like a bitch lol


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