Protein Pizza!

So, at my work we have a tiny cooler right inside the door as you walk in that is filled with Realgood frozen pizzas and enchiladas.

What sets them apart from other frozen meals is the fact that they are high protein and very low carb. Instead of a bread crust for the pizzas or tortillas for the enchiladas, it’s a thin chicken breast that replaces the bread.

Now, I am a bread fanatic. Take me to Olive Garden and the waitress had better bring an entire pan just for myself (no joke). Today was only my second time trying one of the uncurled pepperoni pizzas, but I can honestly 100% say that if I hadn’t known going in, I’d never have realized that it was chicken.

I’ve been trying to find more and more foods that can give me a big amount of protein since I want to start hitting my workouts even harder and want to stay away from powders as much as I can, so to find a healthier pizza option with 25 grams of protein in it (not to mention my employee discount) it has John Siebelink written all over it.

Not to mention, it tastes good!


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