Hate the Hate

Another one of my ranting posts, but much-needed…

What the hell is wrong with all of us? Since when did maturity and wisdom and BRAINS go out the window and get replaced with a short fuse? Why the hell are we as a society so quick to anger and rage whenever we see or hear something that we don’t believe in or don’t agree with? Why has acceptance and tolerance died while hate and scorn have risen to take their place? Why has evil overtaken good? Why have we forgotten forgiveness and learned condemnation?

How come if someone belongs to a different political party than yourself they are automatically assumed to be and treated as an enemy of America? How come if someone follows a different religion than you–or believes in religion in general–they are looked down upon as delusions or outdated and treated as if their beliefs have no place in today’s world?

Why is is that every new President or Vice President of the United States is short down by the opposing party as enemies of America? Why are candidates or elected officials who have committed no crimes or have only sketchy controversial allegations the subject of bomb scares and threats of assassination? Why must otherwise good people be the subject of slander and public shaming when in reality they are at work putting in long hours with the worst kinds of stress imaginable being thrust upon them trying to keep the nation running smoothly? Yes, it is wrong when politicians spew hate against one another but it’s even more wrong that we as people subscribe to the hatred and make the hate a million times worse. Politicians have a history of being at each other’s throats. The common people as a whole group do not.

What gives?

Throughout this nation’s history there have been many Democrat presidents. There have also been a great many Republican candidates. Both parties have controlled the House and the Senate many times, sometimes both at once. The country hasn’t taken a nose dive yet. I remember when Barack Obama got re-elected. A fanatical former-acquaintance of mine was convinced whole-heartedly that there would never be a free election in this country again. Four years later, Donald Trump won the election. Now, members of the left feared a tyrannical Nazi regime would replace what “used to be” America. Instead, Trump is focusing hard on the traditional values of America, while the courts and Congress–even certain members of his own party–are keeping some of his more controversial ideas and decisions toned down or in the bag. That, my friends, is how it should be. Checks and balances. Every single President, including Number 44, has been subject to them. There were many things Obama wanted to do that Congress and the courts wouldn’t allow. It happens. And still, America as a free and democratic republic did not fall apart just because one branch said “no”. Washington continues to work as it always has, and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.

What isn’t as it has been, though, is the amount of anger and violence in this country right now. On a daily basis it feels like we are on the verge of open rioting and civil war just because the news rolls out this article or that article attacking one side or the other. We are all smart enough to know that modern news loves fucking with us and playing with our heads. Every single thing we see or hear should be taken with a grain of salt, yet there are many out there who believe CNN or Fox News is God Himself speaking the truth, and how dare God ever be wrong about the news. One news sight proclaimed that Hillary Clinton lost security clearance recently; CNN reported the same thing, only stating that she willingly gave it up. The only news outlet to report such. Obviously two totally different pieces of news with totally different implications being thrown out at us, again trying to stir the pot between left and right even more.

I preach, readers of CrapPile, to calm the hell down and breathe. If somebody says something that upsets or offends you, be the bigger man (or woman) and ignore it. Walk away from it. If you don’t like the current President, by all means vote Democrat or whatever next election. But don’t threaten the man or wish ill will on him, because like Barack Obama said after the election his success means our success. You might not like that he is President but he IS, and if you won’t wish him the best at least wish the country the best, because right now we are a shit show and we can be much, much better than that. We have to be. I may not have liked Obama but I never stopped hoping that he would do his job and keep America going. And he did. Same with Trump. You don’t have to like him or even respect him, but respect his position and the enormous amount of work it takes to keep this nation moving on the right track. He is at the helm, and that’s not changing for a little bit.

Talk to people, don’t shout. Don’t scream. Ask questions and point out the flaws, don’t threaten and harass. Discuss. Be the mature, responsible adults that we all SHOULD be, and not immature children with no filters and no mute buttons. You all have brains–use them. Talk from the mind and the heart, not out of the ass. Hate the hate; don’t add fuel to it. Forgive.

9 thoughts on “Hate the Hate”

    1. Thank you. I don’t want to be hypocritical, because I am as guilty as anyone I was talking about in the post. I was addressing myself as much as I was anybody else. We all stand to grow and be better people and truly make this country great

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  1. I wouldn’t want to see American culture judged from outside around election time. I gets pretty stupid sometimes. It is hard for me to get excited and support any particular politician, but they have generally earned my cynicism.

    I am 48 and have been through a lot of election cycles. I eventually figured out that none of the election results have really had anything to do with my personal happiness. So, don’t sweat it.

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  2. Great article and I think it reflects the feelings of people across the political spectrum. I truly believe that the media does a disservice when it tells us how we should feel about things rather than simply giving us the facts and letting us make up our own minds. Headlines telling us “You should be outraged!” do not belong in the news. When you’ve got news media outlets that are biased towards any side, it only adds fuel to the fire.

    Anyway, I appreciate this article and thanks for being one of the sane ones. 👍

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