First Week Being Back at Retail

I haven’t worked in retail since mid-2016. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it on here or not, but I started at Vitamin Shoppe on October 11th as a Keyholder/Shift Manager.

So not only am I back into retail itself after a couple of years off, but I’m also back into retail management, which isn’t too different but at the same time is a whole different ball game than one might think. Yesterday was my one-week mark at the company.

How am I liking it so far? I love it. I love retail. I love assisting customers, learning about products, making recommendations and being around great people who actually want to be there and work (usually, anyway). A far cry from my days working in a factory where nobody was passionate about their jobs and would call out more often than they clocked in.

I’ve worked with some of our products before. Both Rite Aid and Walgreens well some vitamins and protein powders and what not, but since obviously these are the things Vitamin Shoppe specializes in I find myself way out of the loop when it comes to knowing the product and being able to answer questions. Thankfully the store manager and assistant manager know everything like the back of their hand, down to even the shelf that a particular product is on at any given time. Picking their brains almost constantly has been a real help to me, and already I find myself soaking up and remembering much of what I’ve been taught. They don’t want to throw me under the fire, either. Appreciating that I’m catching on quick with all the shift procedures and managerial tasks, they still want me to work with them for several weeks and practice before I get certified and get my keys and run the shift myself for the first time. I am perfectly ok with that. I need to keep getting back into the retail groove again.

Great pay, hours, benefits, coworkers/bosses, company, and in close proximity to my apartment while I work on getting a car. This is definitely what I needed to get myself going now that I’m back in Michigan.

More on Vitamin Shoppe later. I must go clock in!

One thought on “First Week Being Back at Retail”

  1. Sounds like you made the right call moving back to Michigan. You seem right at home with a new job that gives you what you require in pay and benefits and hours. The training in retail is interesting I admit to this. I was in retail way back in the day I was a department manager with K-Mart up here in Canada. I learned lots that College never taught us. I know you are relearning these tasks as you stated. Congrats again !!

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