My Response to Paul Fieg’s “Ghostbusters” Comments

I was just reading on Facebook that director Paul Fieg, who was responsible for the poor performance of the 2016 “Ghostbusters” reboot, blames the movie’s failure on the same “vortex” that plagued Hillary Clinton during her presidential run. “Ghostbusters,” if you recall, featured a female-heavy cast.

That sounds like a crybaby tactic to me, Paul. I mean, seriously? I know you went in thinking that you could make over $500 million worldwide when it came out and that you were on the fast-track to success by doing your own take on the classic franchise. But now that it’s blown up in your face and lost money, you want to blame it on sexism and maybe even racism (on account of some hate that Leslie Jones has received).

I think that your biggest problem is not that people are against an all-female Ghostbusters movie, but because we as moviegoers are getting fed up with shoddy remakes. Tell me honestly, when was the last time a remake or a reboot was successful?

When a good movie is made, people fall in love with it. It’s actors are remembered for their roles, and it all becomes iconic and memorable. Fast forward twenty or thirty years later and some relatively-unknown director tries redoing it their own way, and it’s an insult to what has come before. It is damn near-impossible to do better than what so many have come to love and enjoy over the course of YEARS, that the newer attempt ends up failing. I mean, seriously. Reboots suck. Remakes suck. They always have. Just because your movie sucked doesn’t mean it’s because people out there hate women. Its far more plausible that they just don’t like the idea of you trampling all over a great franchise that’s been around for a long time. And with all the criticism these days about political correctness, that might also have something to do with it’s not-very-impressive box office results, but that’s for another article.

Grow up, Fieg. Stick to original movies and leave the classics alone. And while you’re at it, share my advice with other directors and the studios. They will make far more money doing new things than trying to tackle films that have already been made and that have been successful.

5 thoughts on “My Response to Paul Fieg’s “Ghostbusters” Comments”

  1. I haven’t seen it because I never watch remakes of films I love. I think you hit the nail on the head there. Jonny Depp as Willy Wonka? Never! That will forever be Gene Wilder. And now there’s a new Point Break coming! Keanu Reeves and Patrick Sway will never be bettered so why watch a remake? I won’t be watching it. Make original films, film makers.


  2. agreed. remakes, in general, blow chunks. i’m reasonably certain that remaking the Buffy, the Vampire Slayer series is a sign of the coming apocalypse (there is a faint possibility that i’m slightly over-reacting).


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