Week 3 of College

I really wish I could afford to take more than one class this semester. I’ve said it here multiple times before, but making decision to go back to school is a decision I think is one of the best I’ve made in YEARS.

So far the only grade in the online grade book is a quiz (that I aced). The first short writing assignment is due tonight, so I’m sure she will get to checking them out sometime this week. I’ve been getting my stuff done way ahead of schedule so as to get my move back to Michigan all sorted out. Plus, it shows the instructor how dedicated the only English major in the class is.

This week so far I’ve already got my DB written. I’ll check back online tomorrow or Wednesday to see if any classmates have posted so I can get started on my responses. I have a short work due next Monday night (which I will most likely write and submit tomorrow) and then…my first paper! I’ve already begun working on the rough draft, mainly because I don’t have the luxury of bringing it to the writing lab until after I move back, so the sooner I write it the more I have a chance to tear it up and make it how it needs to be.

Shooting for a solid A this time around…so far, so good!

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