In Defense of Planet Fitness…

To add my own two-cents to this great post, not everyone has, needs, or wants guns like the Rock. Just sayin…

Branch on Maybe

I’m not a body builder but I’ve been a gym rat for over forty years and I still enjoy a good hard workout. I’ve trained in gyms all over the place and seen plenty of guys that make the average ‘big guy’ at the local gym look like a wimp. Over the years I’ve had to modify my training to accommodate injuries and just plain old getting old but I’ve done (and still do) my fair share of grunting and dropping weights when need be (I’d rather drop the weight than injure myself trying to put it down gently, but it not my preferred mode of training, just what you need to do sometimes).

So right now I belong to TWO gyms. One is right around the corner from my home, has barbells and squat racks and a good range of heavy weights if you need them. It’s a gym…

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One thought on “In Defense of Planet Fitness…”

  1. This post made me smile. I like the idea of free pizza one or two slices won’t do any harm. I would rather that than order one to be delivered to your door and scoff the whole thing. In our area we have a gym called Gymophobics and is aimed at a particular niche in the market and it does very well. The people who train their might not look like Arnie but they are still very fit.

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