Link Loves: Prequel Hate, Anime on Mental Health, & the Doctor’s Regeneration

Thank you for the wonderful mention! I’m so glad Megan liked my little thinky pieces and stuff

A Geeky Gal

Welcome to the eleventh installment of Link Loves. These posts are all about my favorite links of the week! It can include bloggers, articles, news, clothing, accessories, and other cool links I’m enjoying.


CrapPile is blog that I just recently started following. John has quite an opinion on a lot of things which is something I can appreciate. His recent post on the Star Wars prequels caught my eye. As someone who loves the prequels (and even named her dog after Padme Amidala), I enjoyed reading what John had to say.


I’m a huge fan of the blog The Time Ladies and its many writers. Thoughts on Regeneration: A Trans Perspective immediately drew me. Emma is a phenomenal writer and reading her post brought tears to my eyes; it’s a worthy read for anyone and everyone.


Asiana Circus is another new blog I’ve added to my Reader! Like Gloria, I…

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